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Discover the range of corrosion protection materials containing volatile corrosion inhibitors (IVVs): Plastics, Papers, Diffusers and Liquids and Additives.

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Several families of VCI broadcasters are available depending on the specifics of the application and the volumes to be processed.

Capsules diffusantes

Zerust® diffuse capsules are simple devices that release powerful corrosion inhibitor molecules that settle on metal surfaces and protect them from corrosion.

They are electronically compatible, do not produce residues and are designed to work in confined spaces.

The diffuse capsules offer corrosion protection for many metals and can be used in addition to other Zerust® or Gardac products® to provide enhanced protection.


ActivPak® protect against the effects of rapid corrosion, especially in harsh environments such as sea air.

ActivPak® combine ICH (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) and FCI (Flash Corrosion inhibitors). This combination provides quick protection to protect both quickly and long-term.


Plastabs are squares of polyethylene, thin, light and rigid. Their small sizes make them perfect for protecting hard-to-reach surfaces.

Plastabs can be attached to all kinds of surfaces thanks to their adhesive ceddle on the back (optional) or simply dispersed when bulking small parts.


Tubestrips are tubes with small diameters that contain NTIs to protect the inside of metal tubes.

Capsules Emibo®