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Plastic packaging

ACOBAL offers a range of polyethylene films against corrosion adapted to different metallurgicals, available according to several presentations and dimensions.

Films Valeno VCI

VALENO® films combine proven corrosion protection with the efficiency of polyethylene films, allowing for a wide range of possible use.

They are available in different formats and are active on both sides. Films are not toxic or harmful to users’ health even when contact with the skin.

Used in accordance with the conditions of use, they offer protection against corrosion for at least two years.

Sachets zippés

VALENO® zippered bags have characteristics identical to VALENO® films.

They protect the various parts by offering chemical protection through CIVs. The advantages of zipped bags are an easy closure and the ability to open and close them simply and quickly in case of check or parts.

Sachets Valeno VCI

With characteristics identical to those of VALENO® films, VALENO® bags offer effective corrosion protection.

Made from polyethylene films, they provide long-lasting corrosion protection from volatile corrosion inhibitors (IVVs) contained inside the pouches.

Housses Valeno VCI

VALENO® covers have characteristics identical to VALENO® films.

Gaines Valeno VCI

VALENO® sheaths have characteristics similar to VALENO® films.

Sheaths protect different metals from corrosion with volatile corrosion inhibitors (TMVs)

Film à bulles

ValeNO® bubble wrap is a flexible, lightweight, polyethylene packaging that provides excellent cushioning coupled with active corrosion protection.

Sachets et gaines à bulles Valeno VCI

VALENO® bubble bags and sheaths have characteristics identical to VALENO® bubble films.

They protect the various parts by providing both chemical protection through CIVs and mechanical protection by providing products with excellent cushioning thanks to an air cushion that protects against vibrations and impacts.

films étirables

VALENO® stretch films combine effective corrosion protection with volatile corrosion inhibitors (LIVs) with the properties of the stretch film to ensure optimal corrosion protection, especially when transported in severe conditions.

Pelliplacage avec film rétractable

VALENO® retractable films can be used manually or in an automated process.

Plaques Polypropylène VCI

Plateau thermoformé VCI

VCI thermoformed tray

Embouts VCI

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