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Discover the range of corrosion protection materials containing volatile corrosion inhibitors (IVVs): Plastics, Papers, Diffusers and Liquids and Additives.

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ACOBAL offers various VCI paper and cardboard supports.

Films Valeno VCI

ABRIGO® papers combine chemical protection with volatile corrosion inhibitors with the proven properties of a traditional packaging holder.

ABRIGO® papers are active on both sides. They can be used as individual packaging, infill or as VCI diffusers. This flexibility allows for optimal quality of use for low-cost applications.

Papiers Complexés

THE complex ABRIGO® papers are coated with a layer of polyethylene.

Thanks to their coating they allow an increase in the resistance to tearing and resistance to moisture.

Cartons complexés

Volatile corrosion inhibitors are integrated into ABRIGO® cartons.

They protect metals from corrosion by coating directly on contact with the products to be protected.